Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Two quilts that did not gel .... Australian 9 patch

As part of my stash busting I am trying to finish off all those UFOs and quilts promised to people. So last week I got out a bundle of blocks that had come in from a nine patch block swap on an Australian theme. There were lots of great blocks in this swap -which a considerable variety of fabrics and colours many of which must be relatively rare as I had not seen them previously. (I collect all Austrlian fabrics I can). Unfortunatly I has not been successful in arranging these in a way I liked I had it fixed in my mind to have a plain block in between each of the pieced blocks but I could find no fabric that worked ....

So I did a google image search on 9 patch blocks to see what other had done with very varied nine patches and I found that the ones I found most attractive were those with a plain sashing allowing each block to stand in its own right.


  1. You did a great job. This is stunning.

  2. very nice, clean looking and showcases the individual 9-patches


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