Saturday, 3 July 2010

Memory quilts - in progress.

I have been working on some quilts with a firiend in memory of her mother.

The central panel above is made from doillies, a silk bag (vase); a small wool enbroidery sample (pink rose centre); flowers and leaves cut from a  lace collar (shown left) and a lace hem; figarines from a piece of furnishing linen; ribbon and the background fabrics are recycled from clothing.

Things that I found important technically:
1. To carefully catch in any "loose loops" on the flowers and leaves as they are crochet and would unravel where cut.
2. To back the furnishing linen with a very light iron on interfacing to prevent fraying.

The overall look I am trying to achieve is that of a table top near a wall between two windows with satin curtains - with a bit of a William Morris flavour. This panel will become the central panel of a quilt in the traditional British Medallion style.

The other quilt we are working on is for a grandson who likes dramatic effects including black. We choase a pattern suitable for a younger person making the blocks using all types of fabrics many of which were backed with light weight iron on for stability.


  1. good for you helping with the memory quilt! I have found using the correct needle for the fabric is 1/2 the battle. I love one of a kind pieces that grow as the maker choses. Enjoy the process.
    great quilt for the grandson. cw

  2. When I first saw the picture of the memory quilt, I was a bit taken away by its beauty. It is truly a masterpiece.

    And, the quilt for your grandson is certainly smashing! Love the contrasts.


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