Thursday, 17 June 2010

What happens when the key fabric has a really large print..... but is not a panel

The issue of large prints was brought home to me when I was given some fabrics to use for bushfirequilts that had large surfing and whitewater rafting prints. Please note .... i was really glad when I got them as I had been trying hard to design things for males who did not want "fussy flowers".

However I realised that if I cut them into small pieces much of the impact of the pattern could be lost. The first Two quilt i made with the white water rafting fabrics were medallion style (yep a common theme with me .... may be deep in my British heritage?)

I think that comparing these two is interesting as it shows what changing such details as the tone and brightness of the sashing changes how the whole quilt looks in terms of colour scheme and emphasis.

In both cases I chose the larges section of print to make a panel for the centre In the first quilt i was able to get two borders in the waterrafting print but in the second one only one. As is often the case this was influenced by the amount of the fabric I had.  personally I find the paler one more restful but them bright yellows do not do a lot for me.

I have just finished my third quilt which contains this fabric. This time i only had the tiny piece left over from the other quilts. so I was not able to use them in large boarder but rather had to takcle the fabric another way.    ........ I will post more about this when photos are availabe.

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