Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Stage 2: key fabric, panel, block.

Having decided on the basic colour scheme for this quilt - I look for a suitable fabric, or panel, or block that is left over from another project. This becomes my key piece. The choice of this may be influenced as much by the style of the "key piece" as its colour scheme.

For instance I had a young girl who really wanted white unicorns as the feature piece (nothing like being specific) but also wanted the quilt in the palest pastels or beiges. Unfortunately the only picture I could find of white unicorns was with really bright rainbows in the background. Therefore In choosing the other fabrics in the quilt I had to consider not making the panel look rediculous while toning down its over all impact on the colour scheme.

Also the panel was rather small for a bed quilt so I chose to do a medallion style to focus the eye into the small panel. This is helped by the tiny repeats of the panel in the first square boarder.

To tie in the rainbow I used paler versions of the colours in the rainbow in the pieced scraps This helped the panels look like a deliberate feature rather than a sore thumb. I picked up the colour of the unicorn in the recuring narrow sashing a technique that I find conveys that this colour is significant look at it. The larger triangles and staight boarders were chosen to be in the desired colour scheme to set the overall colour of the quilt.

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  1. A+ wonderful job. I always like to hear a quilters thought process when making a project that is outside the box. If you hadn't said anything, I would think this is a good quilt. By describing the way you went about it, another quilter can achive good results too with a favorite focus fabric. I am a fan of scrappy, the control scrappy is just lovly. This formula is going to show up in a lot of tops, I bet- cw


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