Saturday, 26 June 2010

Silk Quilts finished (finally!!!)

I have just finished the third of a group of silk quilts made from silks collected over a number of years by a friend's father.
Originally I had thought of making a "crazy quilt" style quilt but when I recieved the fabrics I found that many of the designs were large and the colours just did not blend that well. Therefore i ended up making three quilts. In the cream background quilt above the main difficulty was that the silk were very fine scarves so each one had to be backed. Originally I had thought of iron on woven backing but the fabrics were so sheer that this killed the colour. Therefore each scarf was back with the appropriate coloured poplin.

The design of the purple quilt was determined by the fact the silk was hand woven and the check is not actually regular or really square - hence the strong lines along the joins. The red one was just very strongly coloured - so needed to be separate from the pastels or it "killed" them

More pictures

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