Saturday, 26 June 2010

A scrap quilt finished.... forgotten photos.... tiny scraps

I am realising that I have to be more systematic with the photographing of quilts before they leave home....Of my last 6 UFO finishes I have only managed to photograph 2..... (Dolphins above and the cream silk in the previous post). Yet when I think about why I did not take photos - they went too quickly to those who needed them perhaps I should not get too intense about photos.

The dolphin quilt is one of my "use up those tiny scrap designs". I pre cut the smallest pieces into 3" , 4.5" , 6" , 7.5" strips (any width that is less than length) and bag them up. When I want boarders for a quilt I sellect from the bags the colours that go with the key piece. and sew them together into long Boarder lengths.... and hense a quick quilt that does use up those little bits.

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