Thursday, 24 June 2010

Recent finishes - I spy fairies, Bunches of flowers

I spy fairies. This quilt is one with a theme - fairy fabrics and a colour scheme pink and purple. The blocks were made with squares and 2.5 inch strip and cut after piecing to give the more random effect. The most difficult thing was getting the outer triangles right. While I have made several quilts on this design I am still finding the process of getting this boarder perfectly flat a challenge This is probably because the mixture of biases.

This is a quilt where I began with the colour scheme and chose fabrics accordingly.

Bunches of flowers. This quilt began life as a table cloth with a print that I really liked. The main challenge of the quilt was that the cloth's printing was not actually square. Therefore The pieces which became the central block are actually smaller than the pieces in the outer blocks because this was the amount of availabe fabric. To make this a positive feature i boardered the central block with a deeper pink with embrodery anglaise lace over the top.

This is a quilt wherre i knew i wanted a pink effect and chose the tabel cloth panels and then had to find toning other fabrics to set them off.


  1. both look good. it is fun to make something that just turns out great. I don't do a lot of controlled pieces so I enjoy seeing when others can pull it all together. cw

  2. I especially love the 'I Spy Fairies' quilt with bright colors and wonky twist and turn ... a quilt all my granddaughters would just swoon over.

    warm quilt hugs, sue in CA

  3. The floral blocks are awesome! Great quilt, very feminine.

    warm quilt hugs, sue in CA


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