Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Published - trinity celtic Knot quilt

My first ever publication has finally happened ... My trinity Celtic Knot quilt is in Austrlian Patchwork and quilting vol 19 no 3. ..... Not that it is an applique quilt like most of the others in this issue.

Update January 2012
This quilt has just been re published as the magazine is no longer available. The current publication is with Arbee designs

When is a quilt not a quilt????

When is a quilt not a quilt????    I am interessted in others perspectives.

I have just finished a piece for the Naracoorte town council art show on the theme "Men in their sheds".  I began by taking photos which I printed on fabric and appliqued to a backgound. This I then quilted with uneven wadding placing more behind the photos than in between. I then stitched on various objects both conventional like beads and buttons and less conventional like screws and biro lids. This was then stretched over a wooden frame - and further objects added with nails, hooks, superglue (onto plain buttons preplaced for this purpose).

Tony says that from a distance it looks like vomit but when you get close in it is interesting ... what do you think? I think I have capured some of the mess in the shed but is it art? (By the way Tony is the most wonderfully supportive quilting husband - just honest in his comments.)

The piece is called "Spray the weeds - not my flowers" because that is what the owner was concerned about a friend doing, while I was taking the photos.  For me it was also a metafor of his view of everything there.