Friday, 12 March 2010

One hundred good wishes for E..X..E..

One hundred good wishes for E..X..E..
Some time ago I offered to make up a 100 good wishes quilt for a fellow adoptive family. These quilts are made up of 100 donated pieces of fabric and symbolise the good wishes or blessings that family and firends give the child. Often the challenge is to make the fabrics into an attractive pattern. In this case the family arranged the pieces for me - for which I am very greatful as I feel that it is important to express their ideas. The boarder is silk and this was a reasonably challenging fabric to use as it frayed very easily - fortunately it was possible to stabilise the edges by roll hemming them on the overlocker.

The quilting is free motion quilting and  the boarder is reaonably heavily quilted compared to the centre. This is because the boarder is the section that a child will grab to drag it around the house and I feel that the stability of this area is important. Within the quilt I used flower and words.
The family then added a few buttons and the bows.

I was surprised with how nervous I felt at times while doing this - would it be good enough? Fortunately the family was patient with me when I put it away during a family crisis which was affecting the quality of my work... and they are pleased with the result.

I gather the child is happy and it has begun its many journey around her home with her.


  1. Deborah the quilt is absolutely divine! It's made me think more about the precious squares I have waiting for me in my cupboard!
    This one is a work of art - well done. I'm sure you do have a very happy family when they saw it! Jen Boote

  2. Beautiful quilt - thank you for sharing!


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