Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Childrens quilts - panels and special prints.

I have just finished 3 childrens quilts using panels and special prints. Evidently magazines do not like to print quilts that are fabric specific because of the understandable problems with availability of the fabrics to the reader.

"In the Jungle" is actaully a very simple quilt from the piecing point of view - I added a single boarder to a panel. The work went into the quilting - I am still improving in my ability to acuarately quil the edges of the pictures with my freehand movement on my semi longarm.

Poppy fairy - this quilt began with the tiny fairy panel in the centre - and then I noticed that the poppies matched some other fabrics I had with poppies in them..... and so the quilt grew. My investment in the end of a roll of the popy boarder fabric (the section with houses and trees) is continuing to pay of.

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