Sunday, 14 March 2010

20 potholders by 7 year olds for mothers day

I have just finished 20 potholders for the children in my younger daughter's class - they would have an average age of about 7.  Each child chose a central square and borders. We then added borders in a courthouse block style . I then added the backings and bindings.

Machine sewing with this age group was an interesting challenge. Most of them had never used a sewing machine so even using the pedal was a new experience. Although I had no trouble with the boys when I told them it was just like a motor bike... you pushed the pedal to make it go and steered with your hands. I was really glad that I was working one to one with each child as they were highly distractable. The highest risk moments were when some random sound caught their attention and they would look around while keeping their foot on the pedal. Fortunately my machine has a slow setting - and as I said before there was one on one supervision.

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