Saturday, 20 February 2010

Music - a quilt in a hurry

The last couple of weeks have been busy ones in the sewing room. On Thursday, 9 days ago, I found out that our church organist has been tossed by a Bull 8 foot into the air - with resulting head spine and chest injuries. As he was in hospital 340 km away - it was not realistic for most people to visit him in hospital so I offered to make him a quilt that everyone could sign the back of. The top and back were assembled by Saturday and on Sunday everyone signed it and then it was quilted in time to go with is mum on the 9.15am  bus to the city on Monday morning.

I used the convergence quilt method developed by Ricki Timms because of its reputation of being quick and easy. this was my first attempt at this method.

I found the process great and it was an interesting dicipline to  not allow your self  the "well it would look better if i did that............. instead". I was really pleased that I had a sellection of music prints already to go - and now perhaps have a reason for collecting them in the first place.

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