Saturday, 20 February 2010

Four prem baby quilts for the hospital

The local hospital needed some more quilts for their prem babies - especially for the ones who do not survive. So I decided to make some. I believe that it is important that such children are treated with respect both for their own intrinsic value and for the sake of the parents. So I decided to make a variety to try to reach out to the individuals concerned.    Here are my quilts

I would be interested in ideas of what is appropriate for people of different cultural backgrounds as the racial diversity of our community is rapidly increasing.


  1. Your premie quilts are just the cutest things! Thanks for reaching out to those in need. We had a grandson that died at birth. So, I know how people feel. I should try to find an organization or hospital in the US where I could send some small quilts. Joyce.

  2. Deborah, Your little quilts are so lovely... What a nice things to do..
    Right now I am making quilts for wounded soldiers in Afganistan...and before thaat quilts for auction to support breast cancer research... Those thigs too are very gratifying.
    Keep up the good work...


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