Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A Photo of my first ever 9 patch quilt - but number 86 in my data base - I really didnot begin quilting with the simple ideas but found some of them later.

This quilt is quilted twice once with green thread and then I rotated it through 90 degrees and quilted it with cream thread.

This quilt is going to be raffled to help cover the cost of a new stove for our Church's Minister's house.

Quilts with special fabrics.

Amoung the quilt fabrics i was given to make bush fire quilts were some speical fabrics - water rapid riders and surfers. I felt that these needed a different approach from the "small pieces" quilt and it was imporatant to work with the fabric. I have just finished the second surfing one. the fabric I was given in the blue one with surfers on it.

I tried two different appraoches - I  would be very interested to have feedback on which one others prefer.

The one with the car panel in the centre i called "Surfing " and the one with the panel on one side is "Surfs up"

I'm being published..... thanks for the encouragement to have a go

I have just submitted the graph and instructions on my Trinity celtic knot quilt for publication.... I am so glad I had the forsight to type up the graph for it it made it so much easier to make full  instructions.

thank you to very one who encouraged me to have a go....


Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sailor boy

I finished this  baby quilt for a baby boy that is expected in the next few days.... Another UFO (unfinished object) out of the pile. I made sure that was lots of red  as the baby is of asian heritage.