Friday, 16 October 2009

The Naracoorte show.

Our local community is having its annual show and this year they are trying to revitalise the handcraft sections. So I have entred two quilts.... I am not sure there is going to be a lot of competition this year but they should at least give some background colour to the exhibits.....

My other news is that another quilt has been short listed in a magazine cover competition and they have asked for it to be submitted.

Certainly this for me represents a new step in my quiltmaking as i have done neither of these before.


  1. can we guess which one? give a hint- I have had a couple quilts sent to a mag. one made it in and the other didn't, but it is still a thrill to get noticed. I promise to get the C-Knot done this year! cw

  2. I realise it may not be accepted but each step is an increase of confidence for me.


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