Saturday, 17 October 2009

I won the "Open Handicraft Section" - certainly not what I expected. I did think that I might get something the the quilting section but certainly not the overall prize. I had entered 2 quilts "Japanese window" and "Summer memories" Both of which I designed myself.

The overall award was for the "Japanese window". This quilt is inspired by a trip to a Japanese historical village where we saw an old workman's patched garment in one of the basic huts. Then as you stepped out side there was this magnificent view of the inland sea. The concept I wanted to convey is that anyone can look out of the window...


Summer Memories is a quilt with a Thai batik panel in the centre. The strips around the outside are made from all those scraps any quilter collects as they cut out and trim quilts. The materials include things that I associate with summer, including Christmas, as we have Christmas in summer in Australia.

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  1. Both of your quilts are just gorgeous! Thanks for letting me see them.


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