Saturday, 17 October 2009

I won the "Open Handicraft Section" - certainly not what I expected. I did think that I might get something the the quilting section but certainly not the overall prize. I had entered 2 quilts "Japanese window" and "Summer memories" Both of which I designed myself.

The overall award was for the "Japanese window". This quilt is inspired by a trip to a Japanese historical village where we saw an old workman's patched garment in one of the basic huts. Then as you stepped out side there was this magnificent view of the inland sea. The concept I wanted to convey is that anyone can look out of the window...


Summer Memories is a quilt with a Thai batik panel in the centre. The strips around the outside are made from all those scraps any quilter collects as they cut out and trim quilts. The materials include things that I associate with summer, including Christmas, as we have Christmas in summer in Australia.

Friday, 16 October 2009

The Naracoorte show.

Our local community is having its annual show and this year they are trying to revitalise the handcraft sections. So I have entred two quilts.... I am not sure there is going to be a lot of competition this year but they should at least give some background colour to the exhibits.....

My other news is that another quilt has been short listed in a magazine cover competition and they have asked for it to be submitted.

Certainly this for me represents a new step in my quiltmaking as i have done neither of these before.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Pink and purple diamonds

Pink and purple diamonds is a child's (or lap) sized quilt whitch I made with some 4 and 5 inch charm squares in my stash. It is approximately 52 1/2 inches square.

The Nine patch blocks are made with 4 inch squares arranged with the darks in the corners and centres. Making blocks of 10 1/2 inches.

The alternating squares are made with 5 inch squares and  3 1/2  inch white strip using a court house set (ie White strip on the 2 opposite sides and then longer pieces on the other sides.). Again making blocks of 10 1/2 inches.

To make the  8 side  triangles I cut four 6 inch squares of the final boarder fabric cross cut them on the diagonal and added 3 1/2 inch  white strip making sure the piece is long enough to make the complete triangle.

To make the four corner triangles I cut one 6 1/2 inch square (of the final boarder fabric)  into 4 across both diagonals and added white strip.

These side and corner triangles are actually a bit "big" so the points of the blocks float in the white

I the added the the final boarder strips cut to 4 inches.

The quilting is free motion squiggles and hearts.