Monday, 7 September 2009

These two quilts began in a bundle of fabric I was given by the wife our a minister Judy Cliff. The silks had been collected by her father on his missionary travels and the family did not know what to do with them when they were sorting through his things. I gather that one suggestion was to throw them out... Initally I offered to make a crasy quiilt style quilt thinking that i could make some thing that would have reflected his travels but the pieces were so big and the colours screamed at each other i did not think that many people would want to use it.
The red one has a square scarf left inlact in the middle and a long marrow scarf cut in half to make the 2 gold trimmed side panels. The silk was very fine so each section had to be separately lined with an approriate colour so that the beauty of the fabrics was not dulled by the lining showing through.
The purple one is much thicker silk - originally a sari and the challenge here was that the silk was hand woven and the checks were not actually even or particularly sqaure. I used the boarder of the sari as the feature stips with soem extra gold fabric to distract the eye from the fact it was impossible to get the checks to line up along the joins.
So now have only the one made of the pastle silks to go... I find it interesting that these silks were collected so many years ago... sat in a cupboard... were nearly thrown away.. and it was only that Judy trusted me to do something with them that they were saved. Judy told me after seeing the completed quilt tops that she had no idea what I could have done with such a ramdom sellection of colours and fabrics - but trusted that I would come up with something. Judy and her husband Bruce are great encouragers - they have made a real difference in our church as they nutured the gifts that God has given their parishoners. I wonder who I should be encouraging today, whose God given gifts should I be seeing, and trusting them too.

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  1. Deborah, I would love for you to upload a picture of your celtic knot quilt that I see in your profile picture. It's such a small picture that it's hard to see your colour choices. You've been such an inspiration to so many people with this quilt design and your generosity in sharing it with the global quilting community. God bless you!

    Also, I'd love to hear about how you actually designed the quilt (ie the tools you used).

    Mavis Reynolds


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