Thursday, 24 September 2009


A friend asked about my style of quilting - I use a machine with a 9 inch throat (gap between needle and body of machine).  It is mounted on a Happy Jack frame  - which is one of the simpler frames available with the use of rollers it is possible to move the machine side to side and backweards and forwards.

I generally do free motion patterns which I do not mark on the quilt first.

The "quilted leaves" quilt has the a rambling vive quilted through the large black boarder.

The back of the quilt ( white) below shows an overall hearts design.

The duck panel quilt was quilted along the lines of the picture to make the design stand out.
Lucy 100 blessing quilt is quilted with hearts on the coloured areas and words  on the white - readable in original but hard to photograph

Sunday, 20 September 2009


My son Philip has taken up sword fighting and he decided that the protective garment he need to wear under his leather armour looked like it had been made out of one of mum's quilts....
After looking at a number of pictures on the internet I found these great instructions by "Inga the Unfettered"...
This gave me somewhere to start.
Particular issues that Philip asked me to consider is that he live in Sydney Australia and in summer it is hot. Therefore I took the option of detachable sleeves so that they could be easily removed to allow him to cool down - this also meet the need for free arm movement at the shoulder. The thickness of the gambeson is variable - double thickness being in the areas that get more blows: the upper arms, shoulders. The kidney area is has a double thickness wide belt that is worn under the main gambeson - and is designed for removal between fighting bouts because of the heat. The elbows are a single layer of fabric as he wears metallic guards of this area and so thinner is better for ease of movement and heat. I found that I need to add pleats in the shoulders and in the lower back to get it to sit right while having enough fabric in the upper back to allow him to move freely.
I chose to quilt my fabric first as I have a large quilting frame - and doing it this way is easier on my back and neck. I used about 2.4 meters of fabric at 1.2m wide and nuwool wadding. (Nuwool wadding is 80% wool and 20% polyester so it will not shink or felt)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

This is the quilt that I made eariler this year with my daughter's grade one class. I gave the children a selection of fabrics with fusable webbing on the back and got them to draw pictures on the paper backing. They then cut out the drawing (some needed help) and chose where the picure would go on the previously prepared background. Eyes etc were then cut out and ironed on. I took it home and satin stiched all the edges.
This quilt was sent to the bushfire quilt appeal.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

This is the original Trinity celtic knot quilt. it is a genuine scrap quilt as you can see more clearly from the detailed photo.

January 2012

This pattern has just been reissued with arbee designs  <>

Monday, 7 September 2009

These two quilts began in a bundle of fabric I was given by the wife our a minister Judy Cliff. The silks had been collected by her father on his missionary travels and the family did not know what to do with them when they were sorting through his things. I gather that one suggestion was to throw them out... Initally I offered to make a crasy quiilt style quilt thinking that i could make some thing that would have reflected his travels but the pieces were so big and the colours screamed at each other i did not think that many people would want to use it.
The red one has a square scarf left inlact in the middle and a long marrow scarf cut in half to make the 2 gold trimmed side panels. The silk was very fine so each section had to be separately lined with an approriate colour so that the beauty of the fabrics was not dulled by the lining showing through.
The purple one is much thicker silk - originally a sari and the challenge here was that the silk was hand woven and the checks were not actually even or particularly sqaure. I used the boarder of the sari as the feature stips with soem extra gold fabric to distract the eye from the fact it was impossible to get the checks to line up along the joins.
So now have only the one made of the pastle silks to go... I find it interesting that these silks were collected so many years ago... sat in a cupboard... were nearly thrown away.. and it was only that Judy trusted me to do something with them that they were saved. Judy told me after seeing the completed quilt tops that she had no idea what I could have done with such a ramdom sellection of colours and fabrics - but trusted that I would come up with something. Judy and her husband Bruce are great encouragers - they have made a real difference in our church as they nutured the gifts that God has given their parishoners. I wonder who I should be encouraging today, whose God given gifts should I be seeing, and trusting them too.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

" I spy spioderman" quilt. This began as a quilt for a young friend who really likes spiderman and some very small scraps of spider man fabric which had not been fussy cut. So i came up with is design to make him a quilt

A beginning

For more than 30 years I have been playing around with patchwork and quilting. However last year I aquired a simple quilting frame and now my productivity has vastly increased. I have decided to start this blog to share what I have done and what I am doing. Hoping that I might enable other's experimentation and learn more myself.

The last 18 months has also been a difficult journey for me as I have been traveling through the complications of surgical menopause. Quilting has played an important part in this journey - for there have been many days when I have really struggled and at the end of the day I have been able to say "well at least I accomplished that bit of piecing or quilting".