Tuesday, 1 September 2009

" I spy spioderman" quilt. This began as a quilt for a young friend who really likes spiderman and some very small scraps of spider man fabric which had not been fussy cut. So i came up with is design to make him a quilt


  1. Deborah, I would like to THANK YOU for the work you have done and the pattern you shared with Lynne. I have enjoy being a part of the 'Mystery" When you decide to print the pattern I would be thrilled to help. This is one of the few patterns I have seen that I would have paid for. To tell the truth I am suprised no one has contracted you about getting it published. Have you sent pictures in to any of your quilting mags. in Australia?
    I would be glad to add my 2 cents worth as to how to 'draft' it after I get mine done.

    I have a Ladies Night coming up and hope to have this as one of the display pieces. Mine is Red/White/Blue/Yellow.

    THANKS again. cheryl

  2. thanks for the encouragement Cheryl I have sent a photo into one of the magazines and they are interested.... Do you think that it will matter tha tit has been on someones blog?



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